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City of Peterborough Academy Special School


Pupils are expected to wear the full school uniform when travelling to and from the School, at all School functions and on visits.

Jewellery is not allowed.  Rings, nose studs or other facial jewellery, nail varnish and make up are not allowed.  

Ear-rings may be worn but only one stud in each ear, in the lower part of the ear lobe and must be removed or covered up with blue plaster for PE and technology classes

Electrical items, such as mobile phones or MP3 players are allowed in the School to be used only for specific and agreed activities and at all other times must be turned off and handed in to reception. Arrangements are in place to hand these items in at the beginning of the day to reception staff and then be collected at the end of the day.


Preferably, shoes must be black, sensible ones for school use.  Variations may be permitted upon discussion with a Senior Leader.

Excessive hair styles are strongly discouraged and all pupils with long hair must have it tied back whilst on the school site.  

School Uniform

• School polo shirt with logo and collar stripe (plain white polo shirts may also be worn).  Pupils in Key Stage 3 (Yrs 7, 8 & 9) may alternatively wear a collared shirt and school tie if they wish.

• School pullover, in purple, with School logo

• Grey trousers or skirt (jeans, cords and ‘hipster’ trousers are not allowed, skirts are to be no shorter than knee length)

• Black or grey socks with trousers.  Grey or white socks or mid-grey tights with skirts.

• Sensible black shoes flat soled or with very low heels no more than two centimetres high – not boots or trainers

• School bag, with logo, to carry books and equipment

• Pupils in key stages 3 above are not permitted to wear shorts or summer dresses.

PE Kit 

• Black shorts with the School logo, tracksuit bottoms are also permissible.

• Purple sports polo shirt with black panels and School logo

• PE bag, in purple, with School logo

• Suitable trainers or other PE footwear

The Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust will provide, free of charge, a package of brand new uniform items and sportswear to every new pupil joining the Academy.

For parents to provide:

  • suitable mid-grey or black trousers or skirt or pinafore dress.
  • suitable socks or tights.
  • sensible black shoes.
  • suitable footwear for PE.
  • a warm coat (not denim/leather) for travelling to and from school.


Online Ordering

Uniform is available to order online through our suppliers: