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Lesson Times

Pupils can arrive from 8.45am and Registration starts at 9am. Pupils arriving after 9.15am will be marked late in the register. Each day is divided into different periods which are noted below.

Lower School (Early Years and Years 1 – 4)  

Registration                     9.00am

Lessons start                   9.10am

Snack                              10.15am   –   10.30am

Break                               10.30am   –   10.55am

Lunchtime                        11.45am   –   12.15pm

School day ends               2.55pm


Middle School (Years 5 – 8)    

Registration                       9.00am

Lessons start                     9.15am

Snack                                10.15am   –   10.30am

Break                                 10.30am    –   10.45am

Lunchtime                          12.15pm    –   1.15pm

School day ends                 2.55pm


Upper School (Years 9 – 11) 

Registration                       9.00am

Lessons start                     9.15am

Snack                                10.45am   –    11.00am

Break                                 11.00am   –    11.15am

Lunchtime                          12.45pm    –   1.45pm

School day ends                 2.55pm