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Welcome to Saturn Class! We are really excited about the term ahead.
This half term in Saturn class we are building on our knowledge of the human body and exploring the topic of Potions, medicines and diseases!
In English we will be reading and learning about Roald Dahl’s ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine’. This is not just an excellent story, but also has many fantastic opportunities for the students to develop their skills in comprehension, spelling and grammar. The children will be learning about Roald Dahl’s use of words, and will write their own potion recipes using techniques such as onomatopoeia. They will have an opportunity to write and illustrate their own version of the story where we find out what happens if someone was to try their medicine!
In science we will be carrying out experiments where the students can create different potions from a variety of substances and noting their chemical reactions. We will also be doing a ‘mouldy bread’ experiment to see how much bacteria grows in different conditions over time.
In Maths the students will continue to develop their skills in measurement and number including perimeters, 12 and 24 hour clocks, fractions and volume.
In Humanities the students will be learning about how medicine has changed over time. We will look at the differences in modern and historical medicines and compare them. We will also find out about medicinal and mythical herbs and how people believed they cured different diseases.
In Art and Design the students will be creating, drawing and designing their own potion bottles. We will look at the labels used on modern medicine so that they can be included in their design.
Alongside the topic work, the students will have regular extra-curricular activities to enjoy during the summer term such as swimming, walks to the park, New Ark Farm and Sainsbury’s. We will also continue to have regular opportunities to work in the school’s eco area.